Noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect piece of tech for zoning out crying babies on planes, or entering your own world during that long bus ride home. Now they’re about to get even better, and it’s all sounding pretty exciting.

So you know how you can’t wear them at work because you might miss your boss yelling your name, or at the train station because you might miss an important announcement, it looks like this is all about to change thanks to

They’ve recently filed a patent titled “Suspending Noise Cancellation Using Keyword Spotting”, which is super generic and could mean a bunch of things. But the International Business Times are suggesting the headphones are ultimately being developed to save lives.

So picture yourself listening to Kanye’s new album, when your noise-cancelling headphones pause because:

  • Your name is called out
  • Someone says “excuse me”
  • Emergency tones/sounds start ringing
  • Important P.A announcements at train stations and airports
  • A car honks its horn
  • “Green man” pedestrian signals start ringing at traffic lights

…The options are endless really.

The only downside to this is companies file patents for new tech every day without being built.  So we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Amazon follow through and release these headphones shortly.