With Tesla developing a new eco-friendly car and Google refining their own self-driving version, the future of travel is looking to be a lot different to what we’re used to now.

Mercedes, not wanting to miss out on this automobile technology boom, have taken another approach and tried to evolve the humble bus.

Meet the Mercedes Future Bus;

What is it?

Filled with an improved interior, cameras and radar system, the Mercedes Future Bus gives us a glimpse inside the future of public transport.

The bus itself is based around Mercedes’ 12-meter-long Citaro, which can currently reach top speeds of 70mph. Powered by technology called ‘CityPilot’; the ‘auto CityPilot system’ enables the bus to stay in its lane, slow down, speed up and ensure a safe journey.

The interior.

Let’s be honest, nothing is more dreary than sitting on a full bus stuck in traffic, especially after a long-day at work. To combat this Mercedes are reshaping the interior we’re used to, swapping it out for an open-plan environment.

Inspired by the environment outside, the interior is split into 3 sections where you’ll stand or sit dependant on how long you’re expected to travel on the bus. – Cool hey!

When will they be released?

The bus is currently being tested in Amsterdam, meaning we could still be waiting years for AT to adopt the self-driving bus to normal routes.

However, I think it’s fair to say that the future of public transport is looking pretty exciting.