Shazam; the greatest solution to the age old question “what is this song called?” or the creative Google search term, “what song goes da da da?”.

For those not quite in tune with the apps capabilities, Shazam picks up background music and deciphers the lyrics before finding a match in its song database. Once the correct melody and lyric set has been found, the app reveals a song title and artist… all in a matter of seconds.

With the success of Shazam, it’s no real surprise that someone would adapt this idea for objects outside of music… say Pinterest for example.

Pinterest today announced a new app called Pinterest Lens. The concept is similar to Shazam, with a user takes a picture of a real-life product (say a pair of shoes), before Pinterest scans its database. Once the product has been found, Pintrest provides you the option to purchase it or delve into similar looking products.

To see the app in action, check out the video below, or update your Pinterest app to give it a whirl yourself.